We are a strategic growth-focused marketing company that helps small and medium-sized businesses with limited time, staff, budgets and internal resources grow their business.

Our specialty is differentiation.  We help companies find out what is different about them and what they sell then help position their companies properly to communicate their relevant uniqueness for competitive growth. Growth focused, through differentiation, value creation, maximizing of networks, positioning and marketing plan development and implementation, we significantly contribute to the success of our clients, implementing key strategies that deliver the most measurable impact.

We help you…

DISCOVER your unique value proposition to all stakeholders.

INNOVATE to create added value to your unique offers to keep bringing customers back for more of your products and services and so they refer you.

DIFFERENTIATE you from your competition so customers know why they buy your products and services and not your competitors’.

COMMUNICATE to educate your value to your customers, qualified prospects and relevant markets so you remind them why they buy and should buy you and not your competitors’. Then communicate to promote added-value and build relationships.

What else makes us unique?  We ask the right questions so we quickly understand your company’s situation, opportunities, issues and threats. Costly months aren’t spent over analyzing your situation. Timely, relevant solutions are based on the Pareto Principle. We recommend solutions intended for the most impactful results. We also work with you beyond presenting solutions to implement marketing plans that continue the conversation(s) with your customers, maintain mind share and increase sales, always measuring for results.

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