Total customer value is the bundle of benefits customers expect from your product or service and determines whether customers buy you on a mix of the 4ps or price alone. Do you know how you are perceived by your customers? And by your non-customers? Do you know if your customer thinks you’ve provided good value? What is their perception of that value? Does it align with yours? What are these customers’ desires? Which desires are met and unmet, and can we serve them? Where are the opportunities to solve their problems? What are the drivers and triggers that will motivate them to buy and refer you?

"Dominant organizations aren't defined by their products or services, they're defined by the critical differences that their best customers value most". Bolivar J. Bueno, Customers First: Dominate the market by winning them over where it counts the most

Do you know what your most valuable customers value most about your business? Why they choose you, when they do, over your competition?

Listen to your customers.

They will tell you:

  1. their customer experience at every touch point illuminating opportunities for improvement
  2. what they want, providing insightful opportunities for new products/services
  3. how they perceive your brand, not how you perceive your brand
  4. why they buy you - providing insight into your unique differentiation
  5. and finally, how to reach them - meaningfully

We can help you listen to your customers meaningfully and affordably

For a fee of $2,000 we will provide you with our Customer Experience Report delivering actionable customer insights including;

  • what your customers want
  • why they choose you over your competitors
  • how they perceive your brand
  • how they want to be reached

Deliver a better customer experience for increased repeat purchases, new customers by referral AND watch your business grow!